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They both look so good… *tears*


Possessive Girlfriend 

For Rogura shippers , sorry for the long wait though 8D

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03/18/2014, Bishamon~~~~>333<


Aah, the scene that gave birth to all the half jokes.

Ayyyy, so that wip i was working on is finally done!! :D Please enjoy Jean’s tears, everyone.

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Cat drinks warmed milk like a baby. [video]

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This is ch 222. Ori was thinking about Kurosaki-kun AND Kuchiki-san. And Ichigo’s face.

Orgs hate it whenever IRs bring up the canon fact that Ori was jealous of Rukia. Funny, isn’t it? They say Ori is the most human and most relatable character, and yet they reject the most normal emotion she expressed as a human girl in love: jealousy.

Those fans cry, “She was only jealous once in ch 199, and that’s IT!”


"Remember!! Rangiku told her that she is as EQUALLY important as Rukia!! So that’s THAT!” > > > Implying that Rangiku knows Ichigo better than Ori knows him.

Each time these orgs say ori was upset in ch 213 simply because she could not ‘cheer up’ Ichigo or could not ‘help’ ichigo again, I loooooled.

Their justification for Ichigo’s expression in ch 213 is also funny. “A nakama got hurt! Of course he’s upset! It’s just like the time he was upset when Orihime was injured!”

If Ichigo was truly upset about ‘just another nakama’ getting injured, if that expression was the same as the one he has given Ori, she would not be so shattered by that one look. She was so fucking bothered by it, she thought about it again and ruminated over it in ch 222. People who say that she was merely upset that she couldn’t help Ichigo are complete morons. These morons don’t even think twice about what they’re saying.

It is so common for a girl who likes a boy to be naturally curious and naturally affected by his actions/reactions + facial expressions. Especially so when her perception of him is always spot on.

But nope. Orgs are saying:

Rukia was lying on the ground and hanging onto life. Ori, at that moment, was merely upset about her inability to help K-kun. >  implying that if she had the ability to lift his spirits even a little, she wouldn’t be as devastated.  > implying that Ori’s mood at that moment was contingent on her OWN ABILITY to encourage Ichigo. > > > also  suggesting that Ori would not even be curious about Ichigo’s expression as a NORMAL GIRL, would not even be curious how he would react as a NORMAL GIRL, and would not be turning around to look at him like ANY NORMAL GIRL WOULD. She would not be jealous like a NORMAL girl would. Because let’s face it. She’s only normal when they want her to be and she is extraordinarily perfect the way they see her to be.

No one was really TOO upset about Rukia’s injury. Except maybe yeah, Renji derrr. lolz.

In their desperate attempt to deny an IR chapter, they make up shit that sounds and looks more acceptable to them but to other people it’s total mental constipation. This dipshit explanation doesn’t even flow in ch 222 and doesn’t even connect to 225 when she finally saw him at the Vizards’ den. WHERE is the indication that she wants to make him feel better then? Didn’t the premise continue then, where she wanted to matter to Ichigo? All those emotions of jealousy, inadequacy and desire to be strong are the things that led to her decision to participate in battle. And Orgs say, THERE WAS NOT MUCH OF THOSE NEGATIVE THINGS! Yeah. And she just developed so spledidly! Out of THIN AIR.

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squatntoot Asked:
U should draw Marco and Jean as horses;)

My answer:


oH!! i’ve never tried with Marco! but there was this one time when i drew Jean as a horse, though i don’t like that design anymore so here, have these:


This was so much fun to draw :D I love this screencap (from sailormoonscreencaps) and have been meaning to re-draw it for a while!

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it’s late so im uploading this so no one sees

im almost done with spring break and i didn’t draw anything so i shat out some sparkles and traitors

my apologies if tumblr killed the quality

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Look Me In The Eye! and tell me Mikasa isn’t pretty

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